West Coast Opinion Survey (Dec. 2017)

In 2014, Pew Research Center (Pew) interviewed social attitudes of over 10,000 random dial telephone respondents, its largest single study across decades of research of classic worldview type questions. Pew’s purpose was to consolidate and extend their ongoing study of ideological and political typology analysis of the U.S. public, drawing on a long history of social questions used by Pew and others. The unusually large 10,000 respondent count, coupled with approximately 200 questions (some to all respondents, others divided into a tercile split sample), along with Pew’s open source data policy makes their data attractive to work with. After preliminary review of the original Pew data and replicating some of Pew’s prior analysis, PI repeated their core 2014 “Ideology” and “Political Typology” question constructs and thereafter introduced several fresh batteries of current events and specialized research of interest to PI. The PI survey was fielded to ~ 1100 respondents in late November and early December 2017. This data set is entering analysis stage.¬†Survey was in English only.