Policy Work 2016: Healthy Climate Act

Senate Bill 1574: Healthy Climate Act

Why is Senate Bill 1574 necessary? Oregon is not meeting its goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because the existing 2007 law was a goal without effective implementation. That law intended Oregon to reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions to be 10% below 1990 emission levels by 2020 and at least 75% below 1990 levels by 2050. Those goals were based on recommendation by the International Panel on Climate Change, comprising 3000+ qualified climate scientists. Without controlling greenhouse gas emissions, the scientific consensus predicts catastrophic worldwide consequences. While early signs are observed, the big risk is reaching climate tipping points causing intense global temperature rise. SB1574 defines a comprehensive strategy.

Below is a collection of documents that explain how the Healthy Climate Act would work.

1. Health Climate Act Text  


2. Summary by Kristin Eberhard, Senior Researcher, Sightline Institute, December 2015


3. Climate Stability and Justice Act of Oregon (SB 1574) Questions and Answers (last edit: PI-2.1.2016; blue text links to evidence; request electronic version at info@policyinteractive.org)


4. Three Different Sources of Oregon Opinion on Climate Change (Surveys, 2013 -2015)


5. Oregon Studies Economic Impacts of California AB32 Cap and Invest Policy Lessons, 1.29.16

Why should Oregon look at California’s Cap and Trade Climate Stability Act? Because some business entities are claiming that SB1574, modeled after California’s AB32, will negatively affect Oregon’s job and economic picture. When California passed AB32 into law, major business interests similarly objected, claiming it would destroy the California’s economy. Even before AB32 was brought into implementation the California Chamber of Commerce paid to collect signatures to repeal AB32; that initiative was rejected by California citizens by a 24% margin, allowing AB32 to be implemented. Contemporary results show the naysayers were wrong.


6. How much would the HCA cost Oregonians? Tom Bowerman, PolicyInteractive Research, 1.29.16 v6

How much would the HCA cost Oregonians? This question was asked by Oregon Senator Olsen in a 1/14/16 legislative hearing. The question is important although it as more than one answer depending on how “cost” is computed. “Cost” is often defined differently, such as: initial cost, net cost, and cost-benefit. When risk factors are accounted, there may also be a cost of failure to act.


7. Common Objections and Responses to Oregon Healthy Climate Act 2016, PolicyInteractive Research, 1.29.16