What we do

Abraham Lincoln

Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment nothing can fail. Without it nothing can succeed. —Abraham Lincoln

PolicyInteractive (PI) is a nonpartisan, interdisciplinary team of researchers working to understand general public opinions about global climate change and how it may influence our future. To obtain this understanding, we collect media reports, independent public opinion surveys and conduct our own opinion surveys. We analyze this information and consolidate findings into discussion topic presentations which we share with interested policy makers and leaders. The objective of the project is to improve our collective awareness of pressing environmental concerns and improve prospects for problem-solving pathways supported by a broad segment of our society.

The current focus of our work is on global climate change, though we also look at energy issues, transportation, land use and public revenue. Our advisory team includes university researchers, community members, graduate students, nonprofit organizations, policy lawyers, and county and state policymakers.

Building upon existing national and state research, PI aims to identify policy which would have broad support specific to Oregon. Using Oregon specific telephone and internet polling, focus groups, and interviews, PI:

  • Listens to opinions on key natural resource issues;
  • Engages with critical thinkers and actors in natural resource policy issues;
  • Analyzes opinion trends over time;
  • Evaluates environmental messages and policy initiatives;
  • Looks for common ground among citizens; and
  • Presents key findings to policy and other decision-makers.

Recent findings of PI polling show that:

  • Concern of global warming or climate change has not been a top tier issue with Oregonians but this appears to be changing.
  • A large majority of Oregonians think government should enact a strong energy policy and higher vehicle efficiency standards.
  • Oregonians believe we’d be better off if we consumed less.
  • A strong majority of Oregon citizens believe lifestyle changes will be more effective than technological solutions in addressing climate change.
  • Oregonians are less anxious about how energy policy is impacting them personally than they are about how it affects the nation.
  • Conservation remains a favored policy option over production of resources.

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PolicyInteractive subscribes to the Code of Professional Ethics and Practices of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.