Conferences and Presentations

2017 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference: Tom Bowerman, Robin Quirke, and Sheldon Zakreski presented at the University of Oregon. Click on the “PIELC 2017 PowerPoint pdf” link below to access the PowerPoint slides. From the 2017 PIELC brochure:

Earth’s three hottest years in history have occurred in the past three years, which is consistent with scientific predictions and long term trends. Recent political events suggest at least four years of federal inaction and problematic state-level climate policy, leaving many wondering where to put their energy. It could be more crucial than ever for people to seize the opportunity to act in spheres they directly control or influence. What’s actionable? Panelists break it down into three parts (1) Key Drivers: Robin Quirke of PolicyInteractive Research reports on the predictors of human behavior tied to climate stability, based on a series of ongoing research projects, (2) Taking Charge: Tom Bowerman, Project Director of PolicyInteractive Research discusses domains of personal action as the foundation of social change and demonstration through example that net zero carbon emission is neither impossible nor unpleasant, and (3) Buying Indulgences? Sheldon Zakreski, Director of Asset Management at The Climate Trust describes carbon offsets as a tool for carbon neutrality and dispels common myths and falsehoods about how they work.

2016 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference: Miles Gordon, Robin Quirke, and Marcus Mayorga presented at the 2016 PIELC at the University of Oregon. Click on the “PIELC 2016 PowerPoint pdf” link below to access the PowerPoint slides from PolicyInteractive’s Robin Quirke presentation. From the 2016 PIELC brochure:

It is the rare environmentalist whose environmental behaviors and values align. What gets in the way? Although environmentalists who walk the talk do exist, these panelists discuss pitfalls that often steer people with strong environ- mental values into excessive consumption, ethnocentrism, and inspire weak attempts at getting GHG-limiting policies passed. These concepts will be illustrated via the Makah Native American tribe’s struggle for whaling rights, and socio-psychological research that reveals basic cognitive properties like perception and emotion may be misguiding our intentions to make the world a greener place.

2015 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference: Tom Bowerman, Joanne Gross, and Robin Quirke presented at the 2015 PIELC at the University of Oregon. Click on the “PIELC 2015 PowerPoint pdf” link below to access the PowerPoint slides. From the 2015 PIELC brochure:

Research reveals that pro-environmental values are not a significant predictor of pro-environmental behavior. This could be one of our greatest barriers to sustainability. What role does hypocrisy play on the pathway to catastrophic ecosystem breakdown? What behaviors count most in a society defined by consumption? These panelist-practitioners discuss ongoing social scientific research and personal experiences in the research & policy arena.

2014 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference: Tom Bowerman and William McConochie presented at the 2014 PIELC at the University of Oregon.  The PIELC is the oldest and largest public interest law conference in the World.

2014 City Club